Explore the best in the LIVE Betting Process

Discover the live betting tips that will help you get better results at LIVE betting. We do not think he’s a bettor who does not even get a “stick” with live bets. We took it, all our acquaintances got, and we’re sure you’re not an exception. It happens, but it’s important to know how to learn from mistakes and not repeat them. The problem with live bets is that it’s very easy to let go of the wave because there are temptations all the way. They can generate huge gains very quickly, but at the same time they can also be a real money cutter.

  1. Do not bet all the strangers; see what “safe bets” are in bankruptcy

We remember a couple of years ago whenwewas looking at the live offerwegave a tennis match between two playerswehad not heard in our life. It was an ITF tour or something. And one of them won the first set with 6: 0, led with 5: 0 in the second and now serves. And he climbed that he had an excellent share for that situation. 1.40 to win his own service. He ate me somewhere andwebet all the money thatwehad on our account (we did not have much, just over 100 dollars). We saidwegrew up our bank a little bit, but from where, fixed game, she found to lose it. And since thenweswore we’re not betting whatwedo not know. It’s not necessarily the amount lost, it’s not big, and it’s the “pin” we’ve taken with a seemingly secure bet. For the sv388 the deal was the same.


Morale is obvious: do not bet on teams or players you do not know about, no matter how sure it looks like that bet. If the quota is higher than it should be, then there is a logical reason for that. That he did not give you the betting house for the sake of doing it. As a rule, third-hand / third-party players have a slightly different behavior than the top players, and then there are surprises that might have been impossible for more valuable opponents. Today’s live offers are very rich and tempting, so are careful what you play.

  1. Take care of money management and the betting plan, that in live betting things take a quick

In order not to make any stupidity to regret it later, it is vital to have a betting plan and a well- managed money management from the start. It is obvious that live bets are much more dynamic than pre-games and that you cannot know exactly what is waiting for you and what you have to do. Even so, a beating plan set from the start can be very useful. First, you allocate a clear betting budget, a sum that will not affect you in the event you lose it. We say it should not be more than 10% of the monthly salary. If you have a salary of 2,000 dollars, then a 200 dollars budget is enough for that month.